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Optimal Size & Geographical Distribution

  • How many stores does your Network really require and at which locations?

  • Which store should you open or close first?

  • Where do your potential customers reside? And how many are they?

  • What is the expected revenue? 

  • How does your Network stand against your competitors?

  • And predominantly, how is all this documented?


We process, analyse and combine all sort of available data in order to estimate the value for every single road of your Country, a value specific to your company’s profile.


 We then scan the entire Country and: 

  • Estimate the optimal network size, based on criteria that are customized to your business guidelines (e.g. maximum customers per store type or maximum driving distance).
  • Pinpoint the proposed store locations and draw their responsibility areas.
  • Prioritize stores by significance.


  • Areas with store surplus, deficit or overlaps will be revealed.
  • Correlation analysis of your existing network with demographics and other data.
  • Comparison of your existing network distribution with those of your competitors.



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